The Team

Angelica Malin

Angelica is Founder and Editor-in-Chief at About Time. She's a big believer in brunch, business and the notion that time is how you spend your love. She's obsessed with time, but never feels she has enough of it. Follow her on Twitter @jellymalin to see photos of her smoothies.

Rebecca Reid

Rebecca is Editor-in-Chief of AFT. Erstwhile freelancer, serial manicurist, feminist and period drama enthusiast. She's spent most of her life talking about sex, so she decided to make a career out of it. Follow her on twitter @AFTRebecca for Taylor Swift elegies and pictures of her manicures.

Red Riddell

Red is a staff writer for AFT. Her interests include eating too much, drinking too much and saying too much. She believes in sex that makes you lose yourself, and in the thousand different ways to get there. Outside the bedroom, she likes board games, yoga and scented candles. Inside the bedroom, she likes most things. You can find her on Twitter @Lexical_Life.

Charlotte Lait

Charlotte Lait is a British multimedia journalist and freelance production assistant. She has worked in broadcast and online news in London, New York and Chicago at international networks including NBC and the BBC. She cut her reporting teeth writing for investigative mag The Chicago Reporter. Charlotte covers gender, sexuality, religion and politics. View her work at and tweets @charlottelait.