In Numbers: How We Feel About Fifty Shades

Ann Summers conducted a nationwide survey of over 3,000 people and discovered that the portrayal of sexually inexperienced and submissive female protagonist in Fifty Shades of Grey, Ana Steele, is an outdated and unrealistic representation of the modern, sexually confident woman in the UK and Ireland. Key stats from the survey:

85% of women relate more to Fifty Shades of Grey’s dominant male lover Christian Grey, than submissive female character, Ana Steele.

Over half of men (55%) polled agreed that Ana isn’t a realistic portrayal of modern women.

Ann Summers Undercover Boss

When asked who took control in the bedroom, 61% of women claimed they did.

Women aged 18-24 are more sexually dominant between the sheets compared to their male counterparts, with 80% claiming they pull the reigns in the bedroom compared to 45% of men in the same age bracket.

72% of women polled admit that they are the ones who initiate sex with their partner and a further 81% claim that they are more likely to encourage experimentation and introduce ‘sexcessories’ into the bedroom compared to 48% of men.


When asked how being the dominant lover between the sheets made them feel, over half of women (52%) said ‘sexually empowered’ and ‘in control of their orgasms’ and a further 48%admitted it made them feel ‘EQUAL’ to their partner

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