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5 Ways to Give Yourself An Incredible Orgasm

Chances are you’re about to spend the next few days manically realising that you’ve forgotten things. Presents for family members you thought might be dead, your laptop charger (making your stay at home on the unbearable side) and your cousin’s extremely wet girlfriend’s name.

If we’re honest, Christmas stops being quite so fun once you’re over about fourteen, and starts being more about all of the stuff that you’re trying to get done before the 24th falls, the trains all stop running and everyone’s too drunk on Baileys to drive anywhere. So during this most stress-tive festive period, our gift to you: a better orgasm than you’d ever thought you could have. All by your self.


#1 Face Down

Masturbating whilst lying on your front. It’s the simplest, easiest change you could make and it’s seriously impressive. You’re using your body weight to push your g-spot into the right position, and the additional pressure makes for a very merry Christmas orgasm.


#2 Get Lubed

A wise man once told me “There is always time for lubrication.” And it’s true. It’s the work of a moment to massively improve any sexual encounter. Why not try a special new one. We like Durex Tingle (though it’s an intense sensation, so start small.)


#3 Don’t Pee

It might sound utterly mad, but your bladder sits behind your g-spot, so when it gets full it puts pressure on it, meaning extra stimulation for you. Seriously. Try it.


#4 Hold Your Breath 

The reduction oxygen to the brain whilst orgasming noticeably heightens the sensation. However holding your breath is perfectly fine, there’s no reason to start trying to choke or smother yourself. Holding your breath will provide just enough depravation without getting into anything dangerous. Safety first, gals.

50 shades of grey, sex, sexy women, sex in london, donation, dominstraix, submission, s and m, porn, sexy, sexy women, naked women, free porn#5 Go Slow 

The longer you take to let yourself orgasm the more intense it’s going to be. Seeing as it’s Christmas, why not give yourself ample time and space to lie back and build it up really, really slowly.

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