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5 Steps to an Incredible G-Spot Orgasm

The G-Spot is the Bermuda Triangle of the sexual world. People debate whether it exists, it leads to people getting lost, and it’s the victim of some very odd rumours. Despite all this bad publicity, the G-Spot is pretty fantastic and can lead to some pretty fantastic orgasms, when in the right hands. Sadly, our bodies don’t yet come with user manuals and therefore even in the best of hands, getting to that elusive G-Spot orgasm can be easier said than done. However, there are some things you can do to help yourself along the way, and here are our top five:

1. Find It


Unlike the clitoris, which frankly anyone operating without considerable sensory deprivation should be able to find, the g-spot can be difficult to locate. If you’re already the proud owner of the coordinates of your G-Spot then congratulations, you’ve passed Stage One and may skip straight to the next section. If not, then please read on. The G-Spot is actually much further forward than you might think. It’s usually only a few inches inside the vagina. This is important to know, as for many of my teenage years I somewhat erroneously thought my cervix was my G-Spot. This led to some unfortunate masturbation attempts that I recommend to no-one. One key difference is that the G-Spot is spongy and slightly ridged, while the cervix is smooth like a grape or quails egg. Another key difference is that the G-Spot feels nice when rubbed, whereas the cervix does not. If you’re struggling to find the G-Spot, it may be because you’re not turned on enough. The G-Spot becomes much more pronounced when you’re aroused. It could be said that the G-Spot, much like the Room of Requirement, only really appears when it’s needed (although this would not technically, scientifically be true).

2. Angle Towards It


There are lots of great positions for G-Spot stimulation but missionary isn’t usually one of them. This is a great tragedy for all lazy girls, and deeply unfair. A good way to right this great social injustice is to shove some pillows under your back to angle your G-Spot up towards them. Putting your legs over their shoulders has the same effect, although does mean that unless you’re very flexible, romantic sex-kissing is replaced with your feet in their face. Throwing both legs over one shoulder is a deeply enjoyable twist on this classic pose. Cowgirl can be a good way to start stimulating your G-Spot during sex. Grinding back and forwards while sitting astride your male or be-strap-onned female, pushes their cock right into your G-Spot. Doggy Style is in theory very good for G-Spot stimulus, but quite a bit can depend on the angle. At the wrong slant, they can sail miserably past like a ship in the night. Arching your back can help with this, or at the very least make you look sexier.

3. Train It 


While I am deeply opposed to the idea of sex being appropriated as exercise, if you’re really committed to the idea of a G-Spot orgasm and you’re not quite there, a bit of practice can help. Training your pelvic floor can, in theory, help your chances of reaching orgasm. Although the effectiveness of kegel exercise has been called into question, much like the g-spot itself, squirting and any number of other things connected to female sexuality, it does make sense. If you can contract your vaginal muscles more strongly, you can press your G-Spot more effectively against their cock. Kegel exercises themselves are relatively simple and can be done pretty much anywhere. It’s particularly satisfying to do them at work; you are then essentially being paid to improve your sex life. Just contract the muscles of your vagina, as if you were trying to stop yourself from peeing. If you want to take things to the next level, you can buy small insertable balls from companies such as Lelo, which can make kegel exercises easier.

4. Stimulate It


While sex can be a great way to stimulate your G-Spot, it’s not always the easiest place to start. If you haven’t ever had a G-Spot orgasm then fingers or toys can be an easier route in. Not only can they be shaped more precisely to work with your body, but it keeps the focus on you finding your pleasure. Rather unfairly, because of the angle required, it’s often easier for a partner to use their fingers on you rather than you doing it yourself (but a quick sex toy shopping trip can solve that problem rather swiftly). If you haven’t enjoyed G-Spot stimulation in the past, it might be because you haven’t been turned on enough. Fingering rarely feels great when a partner starts jack-hammering away right off the bat. Just as the G-Spot becomes more pronounced when you’re turned on, it also becomes more sensitive to pleasure. That being said, when it comes to the G-Spot, harder can often be better. While spending some time making sure you’re aroused is always a good idea, once you’re in the moment, thrusting harder with their fingers or your toy might just take you to that edge you’ve been looking for.

5. Experiment with It


Everyone’s body is different, and unfortunately that goes for G-Spots too. Many of us aren’t lucky enough to have G-Spot orgasms easily, but that doesn’t mean they’re not possible. There are plenty of things you can do to try and make them more likely. If you can bear the frustration, try bringing yourself right to the brink of orgasm right before sex, and then stopping. The heightened sense of arousal can make your G-Spot easier to connect with. Another tactic is to stop masturbating with your clit for a short period to see if it makes you feel more sensitive in other areas. It’s very easy to become used to orgasm coming from a certain place, position or type of stimulus, and removing that for a little while can make you more open to other possibilities. A more pleasurable route might be to stimulate your G-Spot while you masturbate with your clit, and try reducing the clitoral stimulation over time. With any luck, it could lead to you being able to have a G-Spot orgasm independently. And if not? It should at least be a hell of a lot of fun.

Photos by Baron Valium, Dollen, Decar66 and Lelo.

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