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Top 5: Sex Indulgences This Week

Monday morning at your desk. We know it, you need something to get you through the thought of a whole seven days tied to your desk – and not in the good, kinky way. In the spirit of adventure and mid-afternoon daydreaming, here’s 5 things you should indulge in this week:

1. For the Pop Star: Siri 2 by LELO


What: This one is new to the market and totally brilliant. The Siri 2 (hello, Apple) is a sound responsive vibrator. Yes, really. This means it reacts to any noise or song around it; whether that’s your partner singing in the shower, or your favourite sex playlist. Apparently it can help you become a better singer. Well, that’s one idea.

How Much: Siri 2 is due on this week – and you can buy the original Siri exclusively at Ann Summers for £69.99 here

2. For the Imbiber: ‘Fifty Shades of Gin’ at The Rib Room 


What: To celebrate the release of 50 Shades movie, The Rib Room Bar in Knightsbridge is offering a ‘Fifty Shades of Gin’ cocktail. It consists of 50 delicious ingredients including an infusion of 41 gins – including damson and sloe varieties to add a lush red hue, seven fruits and Fever Tree Tonic Water topped off with a fresh lime wedge. Yes, that’s 41 gins. Infused in an antique decanter and served in a crystal goblet, this evocative concoction has been designed by the expert mixologists at the Rib Room Bar to showcase the gins.

How Much: Fifty Shades of Gin is available now until 27 February 2015, and is priced at £16 – book here

3. For the Big Spender: Le Boutique Bazaar


What: It’s time to stock up on some cool fetish gear. This shopping event at McQueen cocktail bar in Shoreditch will feature forty brands representing the crème de la crème of the UK’s underground fashion scene; showcasing an array of handmade lingerie, couture latex, luxury erotic leather goods, beauty items, extravagant millinery, rare clothing and fascinating accessories of all kinds for men & women. Naughty.

When: Sunday 1st February

How Much: £5 in advance – more info here

4. For the Kinkster: Erotic Film Earphones


What: Extensive testing (our invite is clearly still in the post) has resulted in an advanced pair of earphones that enhances female voices so that they sound more pleasing and less sharp, while male voices sound fuller and rounder. This, basically, makes you feel closer to the people in porn. We’ll believe in when we see it.

How Much: £29.99 from Firebox here

5. For the Lover: Diamond Light Tantra

What: Diamond Light Tantra can support couples of all ages and in all walks of life to reawaken and deepen the magical spark of pleasure, meaning, fulfilment and bliss in their sexual-loving connection. It incorporates traditional Tantric practices, including aspects of Red Tantra, which engages directly with sexuality and sexual energy. Diamond Light Tantra is for lovers and would-be lovers of all ages and walks of life who have a genuine desire to look deeply into themselves. We say: give it a go.

Where: Throughout London – the taster evening is hosted in W2

How Much: Taster evenings (the next one is 2nd March) from £40 per person, full courses from £495 for individuals, £990 for couples – see the full schedule of events here

Angelica is Founder and Editor-in-Chief at About Time. She's a big believer in brunch, business and the notion that time is how you spend your love. She's obsessed with time, but never feels she has enough of it. Follow her on Twitter @jellymalin to see photos of her smoothies.