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Who Needs a Man When You Have A LELO Wave

No, really. This is the best sex toy we’ve ever tried. And we run a sex magazine, our biscuit tin is filled with dildos, not chocolate digestives. Tasty. But this sex toys blows all other sex toys out the water. Why? Read below to find out:

LELO INA Wave: What’s the Big Deal


The big deal is the special technology of the LELO INA wave – it’s designed to literally ‘wave’ inside you, which means it can reach your g-spot in a way that a normal dildo simply can’t. You know that ‘come hither’ gestures boys are taught to reach a woman’s g-spot, well this innocent-looking plastic toy manages that, but much better than anything we’ve tried before. It also feels really nice inside you – the 100% silicone body is smooth and ergonomic, designed to fit the female body’s natural curves. Stop it. What’s the more, the dildo also has a seperate vibrating section for your clit, which means you can enjoy clitoral stimulation (dare we say it, even orgasm) as well as internal waves of pleasure. The double climax on your own just became totally possible.

LELO INA Wave: Where to Buy It 


You can buy it online here and exclusively at Ann Summers. At £129, it doesn’t come cheap – but sometimes you need to invest in your solo sex life to make things truly fantastic. If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, the Ann Summers rose gold vibrator is still one of our favourites for price point and discreetness.

Either way, always remember, it’s great if you’re using a toy with a partner, but sometimes you’re fucking fantastic on your own, too.

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