Discover: The Ultimate Guide to Anal Toys for Experts

Last year we took you through anal toys for beginners: the baby plugs, dildos and massagers that could take your sex to the next level. It’s 2015 now, and let’s just say we’re feeling a little more advanced. The great thing about anal play is that your limits can expand with time, and there are a whole world of toys out there to help you along the way. Here are our favourites.

Inflatable Plugs

Exploring the stretching sensation that anal play brings can be taken to the next level with inflatable buttplugs and dildos. Inflatable toys can be both a gentler and a more extreme route into deeper anal play, as the slow inflation gradually stretches your limits. It’s easier than working up to a significantly larger buttplug, but the inflation means you can be exquisitely pushed to the very outer reaches of your limit. If you’re playing with a partner, things can take a seductive, psychological twist if you give them the pump. Knowing your partner is controlling exactly how widely you’re stretched can be an immensely intense experience. We like this one from LoveHoney.


Advanced Prostate Massagers

While traditional dildos and plugs, not to mention your fingers, are fantastic for reaching a guy’s prostate, you can bump up the intensity by buying a specially designed prostate massager. These curiously shaped toys are designed to provide direct prostate stimulation that can be strong enough to cause p-spot (prostate) orgasms. Orgasm from prostate stimulation alone can be a difficult thing for a guy to work towards, but immensely worthwhile. Prostate orgasms can reportedly be much stronger than ordinary ones, despite not always involving actual ejaculation. Being able to orgasm in this manner is also a great way to get around the significant ‘cool-down’ period many guys require after ejaculating. LoveHoney have a great option for only £36.99.


Glass Dildos

While glass dildos are a sensation not every girl enjoys vaginally, due to the extreme lack of flexibility, they can be a fantastic tool for anal play. Subtle ridges and bumps on the glass provide intense anal stimulation, and they come in a variety of beautiful designs. Moreover, glass dildos can both be heated and cooled to the perfect temperature for a potent sensory experience. The smooth glass creates barely any friction as it slides inside you, which means you can play for as long as you want. It’s also good to know that glass is very easy to clean and doesn’t retain smell, meaning you can have years of pleasure out of these little toys. We think this one from LoveHoney is particularly pretty.


Remote Play

One of the nicest things about anal play is how easy it is to slip a plug in and wear it whilst you go about your day. While it can be immensely sexy to let your partner know that you’re wearing a buttplug, or even offer to let them take it out later in the evening, the pleasure can be a touch one-sided. Je Joue have come up with a fantastic way to get your partner intimately involved in your anal play, however public. Their vibrating buttplug is controlled by a smart, discreet pen (which wouldn’t look out of place on Christian Grey) or a special Je Joue app you can download onto your phone. The plug has a variety of settings to take you from excited to desperately aroused over the course of minutes. You can find Je Joue’s Nuo here.


Metal Toys

Stainless steel toys are versatile, durable and deliciously weighted; among the best are those designed by njoy. Njoy produce a whole range of beautiful anal toys, designed to heighten your sexual pleasure. The dildos are often designed to stimulate both g-spots and prostates, while the curves make them pleasurable for both men and women anally. In fact, njoy even claim you can use this versatile steel dildo for massage. Although I can think of much better uses for it. Buy it here.



Photos by LoveHoney, Je Joue, njoy and Chris.


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