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Indulge: 5 Of The Best Massage Candles

When it comes to kinky sex practises, pouring hot wax over your partner is a pretty standard trope. But it’s not without potential pitfalls. Wax burns at different temperatures, so whilst your hot pink Candyfloss candle might do a fab job of making your bedroom smell like a baby prostitute, the pigment might mean that your boyfriend has ends up with Christian Grey style chest scars.

If you’re looking to experiment then the best place you can start is with a massage candle. They look and smell like normal candles but they burn at super low temperatures, so you can safely pour as much wax on to your partner as you like, and then massage it into their skin for a sensual experience that leaves you nicely moisturised.

The Unisex One


The fresh, unisex cucumber scent of this candle means that your boyfriend won’t go to work the next day smelling like you. It’s clean and fresh and not at all over powering like some candles can be.

Bonus Points for: Brilliant design – with a lip to the actual jar to ensure easy and mess free pouring.

Jimmy Jane Cucumber Water, £14.29 From Amazon

The Edible One


Using natural oils including Hemp Seed, Vitamin E, Jojoba, Avocado and Apricot Oil, the 3 in 1 candle leaves thirsty skin moisturised, and the scent will leaves you smelling glorious and feeling relaxed. Bonus point: It’s actually edible. So if it smells so good you could eat it, you actually can.

Bonus Points for: great smell and variety.

 Earthy Body 3 in 1, £9.99 from Harmony

The Sleek One


Could you expect anything else from Lelo but sleek, polished design? So chic that you’ll want to display it rather than burn it, it’s the Chanel of massage candles.

Bonus Points for: Being so sleek you could totally give it as a gift.

Lelo, Vanilla & Creme de Cacao £20 from Coco de Mer

The Vanilla One 


Vanilla by name, vanilla by nature. The Lovehoney vanilla massage candle is a great place to start. It smells like sweeties and it would be a great place to start before investing in something a little more permanent. It’s also edible. Yummy.

Bonus Points for: Super reasonable price for really decent quality.

  Amazon, £4.99 

The Luxe One


If you’re looking to go big or go home, the Oskia candle is the one for you. Each of the ingredients is specially for its skin healing properties, and the candle comes with a heavenly Rose de Mai perfume which leaves your skin beautifully scented. It’s not cheap, at £34 for 200 grams, but it’s beautiful.

Bonus Points For: Pointing out that you could just as easy use the warm wax on yourself as your partner.

£34.50 from Oskia

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