What is AFT?

AFT is a sex magazine for the passionate, intellectual modern woman. The kind that wants to have her cake and eat it. In bed. Naked.

We’re the naughtier, kinkier big sister of About Time Magazine. AFT stemmed from a desire to help women in London have the best possible sex life; we search London for incredible workshops, events, products and ideas that will inspire your hottest, sexiest self. We believe in women’s unequivocal right to having a fantastic sex life – and we believe talking about female sexuality is as important as men’s. We hate taboos. We eat them for breakfast.

What does AFT believe in?

We believe that all women have the right to a brilliant sex life; we seek to solve problems and issues around female sexuality and find the most sensational products to enhance your sex life. We don’t believe you have to spend thousands on your sex life – but, of course, if you want to, we’ll help with that too. We only promote products and services we truly believe in – which is why we test everything out ourselves. We believe female sexuality has been denied a spotlight for years – and we intend to change that. Because we come first. Or second. Or whenever we want.

Who is behind AFT?

Stop with the kinky questions. The magazine is the brainchild of Angelica Malin, Founder and Editor-in-Chief at About Time Magazine and Freelance journalist Rebecca Reid. The editorial team behind AFT are a group of spirited, life-loving female Londoners; including dominatrixes, female pick-up artists, sexual adventurers and girls next door.

We’ve got all shades of sexuality (even more than fifty, in fact) – we feel strongly about having something for everyone, from vanilla to double chocolate chip with sprinkles.

I’m a writer and I want to write for AFT. How can I get in touch?

We love pitches. We like them specific, honest, focused (at around 200 words) and emailed to rebecca@aftmagazine.com. We also tie in with About Time’s #SETSessions which are a great place to learn about pitching and the realities of working for a magazine. See here for more information on #SETSessions.

I’m a photographer and I’d like to be involved with AFT. How can I get in touch?

Sexy photos make us happy. Email rebecca@aftmagazine.com

Why do I trust AFT?

We’d don’t suggest you start trusting strangers on the internet. But we’re here to help your sex life be more mind blowing than ever. We believe in every product we represent, and we won’t write about things we haven’t tried out. Whether that’s London’s sexiest hotels, vegan lubes or fisting. Though we weren’t that sold on the fisting.

How do you source your content?

About FCKING Time is a socially-sourced magazine. We believe in open journalism; and that the best person to write a story isn’t always a journalist. It’s someone with passion, interest and excitement around a topic – so we crowd-source our content, which means we get a great variety of voices and ideas. Journalism and vegan lube for all.

I’m a PR and I want to send something to AFT. Where can I post to?

We pride ourselves on being a pro-PR magazine, like our sweeter younger sister. We love hearing about products, places and people, the most extraordinary the better. Email us rebecca@aftmagazine.com and post to:

3rd Floor
Circus House
21 Great Titchfield Street
London W1W 8BA
United Kingdom

I’m interested in advertising with AFT. How can I get in touch?

Sexy. Email angelica@aftmagazine.com

Can I follow you on twitter?

Of course you can. We’re @AFT_mag. Expect 140 character reviews of sexy products you’d never have known existed. Wall mounted dildos anyone?