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Wet January: 7 Sex Tips For Your Best Sex Ever

Just because you’re off the sauce, doesn’t mean your life has to get any less saucy. Here’s 7 sex hacks to try this weekend to give your love life a boost:

1. If you’re alone: heightened orgasms


Try out new ways to pleasure yourself. For example, masturbating whilst lying on your front. It’s the simplest, easiest change you could make and it’s seriously impressive. You’re using your body weight to push your g-spot into the right position, and the additional pressure makes for a very happy orgasm. Read 5 more ways to heighten your orgasm when alone here.

2. If you’re in a relationship: sex switches

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Try switching things around this weekend. Who’s normally in control? How do you usually have sex? In the dark, or with the lights on? Which ever it is, try doing the opposite this weekend and see how it feels. Does having the lights on brightly make you more aware of your partner’s face as they wince with pleasure? Does total darkness make every gasp feel a little louder in your ear? Read 5 more ways to make sex switches this weekend here.

3. If you’re feeling spenny: new toys

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Bullet vibrators are the perfect, non scary introduction to the wonderful world of vibrating sex toys. They’re discreet, easy to use and a great place to start – read our top 5 here. We can’t recommend the Lelo Wave enough. It’s fun, sensual and can give you a mind-blowing G-Spot orgasm. Here’s 5 top vibrators you need to try this weekend.

4. If you’re feeling naughty: 50 Shades style

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We don’t really believe in guilty pleasures. ABBA, wooly tights, whole baked camembert’s – there isn’t any point in feeling shame about something that you enjoy. But we do have one dirty secret. We really, really enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey. Wanting to 50 Shades your sex life is a phenomenon that continues long after the book’s first flurry of popularity. And it’s totally possible – here’s how to 50 shades your love life this weekend.

If you want to go even dirtier, here’s our guide to submission and dominance. Get involved.

5. If you’re feeling generous: the basics of blow jobs


Foreplay is a significant part of sex life – in oral sex, the most important thing is getting your man excited and teasing him. Blow jobs are the best way to turn him on and really stimulate him, here’s 5 tips to get you started.

6. If you’re feeling demanding: how to lick a girl out

Glamorous 37

Much like double denim, oral sex can be amazing, or it can be pure evil. Bad oral sex is painful. The person going down on you thinks that they’re doing something nice for you, but actually it’s wet and slimy and skin crawlingly bad – most easily comparable to having slugs all over your girl bits. Boys aren’t taught how to lick a girl out. And unlike girls who’ll exchange blow job tips at sleepovers, they don’t have the same culture of information sharing that we do. So here it is: The Ultimate Girl to Giving a Girl Head.

7. If you’re searching for something: the G-spot orgasm


The G-Spot is the Bermuda Triangle of the sexual world. People debate whether it exists, it leads to people getting lost, and it’s the victim of some very odd rumours. Despite all this bad publicity, the G-Spot is pretty fantastic and can lead to some pretty fantastic orgasms, when in the right hands. Sadly, our bodies don’t yet come with user manuals and therefore even in the best of hands, getting to that elusive G-Spot orgasm can be easier said than done. However, there are some things you can do to help yourself along the way, and here are our top five.

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