Editor’s Letter: Welcome to Pube Week

I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t trying to get rid of my pubic hair. I’m pretty sure that historically it was traditionally to be quite pleased about your pubes when you first get them. You might have started shaving or waxing or trimming in your late teens and early twenties. But I think my generation, the porn generation, were probably the first ones who started getting rid of them, just as soon as they appeared. The first generation who felt ashamed of something that was nothing more than a sign of maturity.aabush_purple

I remember cutting my pubes off with a pair of scissors from my pencil case, thinking that it would be hideously humiliating to get fingered for the first time with pubes. Getting fingered for the first time was my primary and singular aim aged fourteen.


Since then I’ve gone through stages with my pubes. Boys have come and gone, and with them their preferences. Some of them were horrified at a hint of stubble, and some couldn’t think if anything sexier than a full bush. Which, as it turns out, after nearly ten years of hair removal, I’m no-longer capable of growing. And I blindly followed their preferences, because I thought that was what we were supposed to do.


And then suddenly, our pubes started to get political. We were told that Hollywoods and Brazilians infantilized us, that we shouldn’t be bald of vagina, whether we preferred it that way or not. People who don’t have vaginas started telling us what we should be doing with our them, weighing in on areas where they definitely weren’t supposed to have opinions.  And that’s what Pube Week is about: What do you prefer? What works best? Should you care what your boyfriend thinks about your pubic topiary? I started to wonder why I was letting anyone who wasn’t me have an opinion on my pubic hair.

From Gwyneth announcing that she’s got a 70’s style bush, to half of Essex getting a vajazzle, the point is that they’re our vaginas and we can damn well do what we want with them. So, what do you do with yours? Does a Hollywood wax improve sensation? Do you favour a super neat Brazillian? Do you occasionally remember to trim? Or do you let it grow out freely? Maybe it matches your full leg and underarm hair?


Welcome to Pube Week. From au natural, to the best bikini wax in London, to asking your boyfriend to shave his bits, we’ve got everything pubic hair related covered. And we mean everything.

Rebecca is Editor-in-Chief of AFT. Erstwhile freelancer, serial manicurist, feminist and period drama enthusiast. She's spent most of her life talking about sex, so she decided to make a career out of it. Follow her on twitter @AFTRebecca for Taylor Swift elegies and pictures of her manicures.

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